Thursday, November 12, 2009

➚➚ SHOCKING RATES of Bollywood Stars ➘➘

If you want Bollywood stars in your party then emptying your
pockets is the only way out!

Katrina Kaif

Let's start with the queenbee of Bollywood who is ruling the roost courtesy her smashing good looks and a spate of recent hits.
Getting to know Katrina Kaif more closely at a party is no mean task...she charges a cool Rs 1.75 lakh for every minute she stays.
What's more - she refuses to be a part of any ribbon-cutting inauguration ceremony unless she is assured of pocketing Rs 20


If you ever thought of a glamorous business partnership, this is the one. The two together come at a discounted price!
The duo charge Rs 3.33 lakh for every minute they make an appearance. The same however does not hold true for
another Bollywood couple - Saif-Kareena. There is no business pairing here. If you want to see them together -
your only option is a private party the two might have been invited to. As for
the individual rates... Bebo charges Rs 1.25 lakh

Salman Khan

The one actor who makes sure that his presence at every occasion is as stately as his cult-status, is the Bollywood hunk - Salman Khan.
The handsome Khan refuses to make an appearance unless and until the host has shelled out a whopping Rs 4 lakh for every minute
Salman decides to grace the event. It doesn't stop here. For anyone who is loaded enough to have Salman as his paid guest,
has to make sure that the flamboyant Khan pockets a cool Rs 1 cr which is over and above his rate per minute

The 'affordable' ones

These stars are the 'affordable' ones. They might not be a part of B-town's A-league, but they certainly don't come dirt cheap either.
In the Rs 50,000 per minute bracket are a bevy of hotties - Amrita Rao, Amisha Patel, Manisha Koirala.
Then there are the likes of Dino Morea, Neha Dhupia, Minnisha Lamba, Mughdha Godse who are regulars on the party circuit.
Not surprisingly though - their asking rate...a comparatively cheaper Rs 10,000 per minute

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